Greater Midwest Classics

2017 Rallies and Events


Date: July, 2017

Location: Buffalo Valley Campground, Duluth, MN


Hosts: Brenda & Rodney Gens and Bob & Yvonne Miller

Date: June 2017

Location: Old Barn Resort, Preston, MN

Our June Rally was hosted by Brenda and Rodney Gens as well as Bob and Yvonne Miller. It was held in Preston, Mn at The Old Barn and Rivers Bend Resort. 21 Coaches were in attendance, with 52 members. Weather was fantastic, and many made the bike ride to town. Saturday a group took a tour of the Amish farms in the area.


Host: Jeff Wolf

Date: September, 2017

Location:  Osceola, WI

2017 was dubbed the GMC invasion as we camped out at Jeff Wolf's hobby farm, then pulled out early morning to convoy over a dozen GMC motorhomes to the Osceola Airport to "invade" the annual Wheels and Wings show.  We lined up all the GMC's in the back row. Turns out the we were stars of the show and asked to come back next year! We even sent one GMC down the runway to record the 1/4 mile time. That night Jeff demoed his Whiskey Barrel Ice Baller and we enjoyed pizza from a local restaurant.