Greater Midwest Classics

2008 Rallies and Events


Hosts: Larry & Lucy Weidner

Date: 2008

Location: Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie, WI

We had 25 in attendance, had a fine dinner and went to the very historic Mabel Tainter Theater for an evening play of Arsenic and Old Lace followed by a back stage tour conducted by Larry and Lucy. On behalf of all of us in attendance thanks for a most enjoyable evening!!


Hosts: Howie & Midge Glenna

Date: July 2008 

Location: St Paul, MN

The summer rally in St. Paul with the FMCA convention went very well thanks to the coordination of Howie and Midge Glenna. We had 16 coaches caravan in together and three other couples that came for our club meeting on Tuesday. We were able to park together and with plenty of space all around us for awnings, mats, chairs, etc.. We were even featured in the first picture that FMCA showed of the convention pictures in their web magazine. There were many seminars to go to and a large number of vendors to visit so we had plenty to do while we were there. 


Hosts: John & Pam Kragt

Date: May 2008

Location: Spirit Lake, IA

The rally was held at Cutty's Resort Club in Okoboji, Iowa returning to the site of the spring rally held 3 years ago. It is a great facility especially in the spring when the weather is questionable. We had a total of 16 coaches and four couples who drove their cars and stayed at the lodge for a total of 40 people. John did another superb job of finding interesting things to do and learn. The morning of the 14th was the usual business meeting, followed by a seminar presented by a representative of Winegard, the antenna people who supply motorhomes with our TV antennas and satellite dishes. His presentation covered the conversion to digital TV that will take place early next year and the evolution of the satellite dishes over the years including the latest high definition systems. It was an excellent presentation and very timely given the mandate for digital TV next year. In the afternoon we all went to the Iowa Lakes Community College campus in a near by town to tour their wind generator education facilities. They are one of a handful of colleges in the nation offering a curriculum in wind turbine electricity generation. They teach students everything about the new wind turbine technology we see in various farm fields across the country. We spent some time in the classroom learning what they teach and principles of the turbines, followed by a once in a lifetime opportunity to then go outside and climb up inside of a turbine used for training at the college. I can tell you this: they are much larger than they appear to be when we see them in the fields. In case you might wonder how we were able to climb all those stairs to reach the top (you climb up on the inside of the supporting column to the head on top containing all of the equipment), the training unit at the school is low to the ground, thank goodness. It was a very educational day for all of us. We then had dinner in one of the large banquet rooms at the lodge, and our meal was prepared and served by the chef and staff of the lodge. Following dinner we were entertained by four ladies whose singing and harmony was outstanding.


Hosts: Bob & Marie Mesarchik 

Date: September 10-12, 2021

Location: Rochester, MN

The location was Rochester, Minnesota at a great campground on the south side of town. We had a great turnout, with 30 coaches in attendance, which is one of the best attended rallies in my recollection. Bob and Marie were on top of their “game” when planning this one starting with an extra day, which gave us more time to visit and enjoy each other’s company. We did have our usual pot-luck, this time with singing including a number done by past presidents. The following night we had a wonderful catered meal followed by entertainment provided by the “Turkey River All Stars”, a local group that has played for years including some very impressive locations around the country. I think the highlight of the rally may have been a fantastic tour of the Mayo Clinic, which Bob helped lead. I think we were all amazed at the Mayo story from the beginning to present times, which was told in a video presented in their large theater. This was followed by a personal guided tour of their many buildings, all connected by what they call a subway, which is basically a way to connect all the buildings beneath the streets. As a final part of this wonderful event, those who wanted to, could go to the top of the Plumber building where every so often, a man performs the task of playing the Carillon bells. This entails him working a device that is connected to each of the many clappers of giant bells located at the top of the Plumber building thus playing songs that can be heard all over downtown. We were able to watch the man perform and of course everyone except Jim Dall experienced hearing loss after due to the fact we were right by the bells (Jim just turned off his hearing aids). The view of Rochester from the “top” was spectacular.