Greater Midwest Classics

2006 Rallies and Events


Date: July 

Location: Kieler, WI


Hosts: Don & June McGrath, Fritz & Elaine Kruchel, Ward & Bev Lewis

Date: September 8-10 2006

Location: South Isle Campground, Isle, MN

rally was held September 8 – 10 at South Isle Campground, about two miles south of Isle, Minnesota. Isle is located in the southeast corner of Lake Mille Lacs and know locally as the Walleye capital of the world. Wagonmasters were Don and June McGrath and Fritz and Elaine Kruschel and Ward and Bev Lewis. There were 21 coaches plus 2 SOB’s in attendance. The Friday night potluck was followed by an innovative breakfast pizza baked at a local pizza parlor. Saturday morning technical sessions were paired with story telling session for the ladies. Bob Drewes brought testing equipment to check the voltage and frequency output of the Onan generator. The tester also would check for ground fault interference, and several coaches had a ground fault problem. Many of the generators tested needed to be reset. The afternoon featured a World Series beanbag baseball game played by two teams of eleven members each. It was a high scoring game featuring some excellent pitching by both teams. The lead seesawed back and forth but was finally won by the red team. The beanbag baseball game was provided by Ward and Bev Lewis and Merv and Evelyn Vatland. Ward and Bev Lewis brought all the makings and cooked a wonderful salmon nugget supper with all the trimmings---including chocolate brownies. Evening entertainment was provided by Juanita and Wayne Hutschmidt, playing and singing show tunes from the twenties through the sixties. They are friends of the Dall’s and graciously provided outstanding music and sang only for their supper. The dance floor was filled by the GMC couples. Sunday morning featured fresh baked goods from a local bakery and then everyone departed for home. 

Good fellowship, good food, bean bag baseball and even a dance band made for a great rally.


Location:  Albert Lea, MN